The spring season in Breckenridge is a time of great change. Some locals are still in ski mode, while others are ready to bike and hike! Spring snowfalls are accompanied by the first wildflowers of summer, and pond skims are paired with rafting. While spring is one of the slower seasons in town, there is no shortage of activities to keep us busy! Enjoy this getaway guide to spring in Breckenridge to know what to expect in our Rocky Mountain town.

Springtime in the Rockies

What To Expect for Spring in Breckenridge

Spring is a time of great transition in the Rocky Mountains. Our long winter quickly gives way to our gorgeous summers, meaning spring weather can be a dramatic mix of both seasons. We regularly have days that reach up to 60 degrees, and it is not unexpected to have large snowfalls! In April, we have an average high of around 44 degrees, and in May, an average high of 55 degrees.

Packing: With our variety of somewhat unpredictable weather conditions, it is especially important in spring to pack for anything and everything! Pack plenty of layers for those chillier mornings, a rain jacket for potential showers, and ski gear if you plan on hitting the slopes! Temperatures warm up in the afternoons, so be sure to bring some thinner waterproof mittens or gloves.

In Town: Many restaurants and businesses utilize the slower spring season to recuperate, restock, and deep-clean after the busy winter season. Be sure to check online or call local businesses for changes to hours of operation. It is not unusual for restaurants to be closed for a week or two during the spring. Check out the Mud Season Pass for discount deals!

Transportation: Breck FreeRide, our local Breckenridge bus system, has already transitioned to its summer schedule. Click here for the summer bus route or download their new app, Transit. The county-wide bus system Summit Stage will switch to its summer schedule on April 21. The BreckConnect gondola will end operations after April 30 and remain closed until mid-June. Until then, Breck FreeRide or the resort shuttle is the best way up Ski Hill!

Spring Skiing

Spring Ski Conditions and Available Terrain

Spring provides some of the best days on the mountain! It brings warmer temperatures and occasionally some of the biggest snowfalls of the year. You should expect firmer snow in the chillier mornings and slushy snow in the afternoons. Breckenridge Ski Resort has one of the longest operating seasons in Colorado, with ski resort operations extending into May—sometimes as late as Memorial Day!

End-of-season operations at Breckenridge Ski Resort are as follows for 2024:

  • Starting April 15, resort operations move to peaks 8, 7, and 6
  • April 27 is the Splash Into Spring Pond Skim on Peak 8
  • Starting April 29, all operations move to Peak 7
  • April 30 is the last day to ride the gondola until mid-June
  • Closing day is to be determined!

Visit this blog for more details on spring skiing resort operations!

Signs of Summer

Spring Activities to Transition to Summer

Spring offers the ability to participate in a wide range of our favorite outdoor activities, all in the same Rocky Mountain getaway! Here are some of the best activities available in Breckenridge in the Spring:

Bike and Hike: Higher elevation trails will still be snow-covered in the Spring, even well into June, but that doesn’t mean hiking and biking aren’t an option. Look for lower-elevation trails with less tree cover; visit recent AllTrails or MTB Project photos for current snow conditions. The Recreation Path is plowed starting in April and is always a great option for a bike ride!

Fly-Fishing: The rivers are melting, and the fish are biting! Breckenridge is home to world-class fly-fishing in the Blue River. Pay a visit to Mountain Angler or Breckenridge Outfitters for guided trips, equipment, or advice.

White-Water Rafting: The rivers are at their highest in the spring when they are replenished with melting snow. Several outfitters in Breckenridge can take you out for a day of adrenaline-filled fun on the river! Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting, Colorado Rafting Company, Performance Tours, and AVA Rafting are a few outfitters in our area.

Relaxation Mode

Enjoying Downtime in the Mountains

There’s no mistaking that Spring is a slower time in Breckenridge- and that’s what we like about it! Ski resort operations are winding down, summer hasn’t quite picked up yet, and businesses are recuperating from the busy winter rush. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and enjoy relaxation, spring is the best time to visit! Here are some of our favorite relaxing activities to enjoy in the spring:

Take An Art Class: One of our favorite local non-profits, BreckCreate, offers a plethora of art classes for people of all ages, from jewelry making to glassblowing, from painting to ceramics. Try your hand at a new hobby while supporting a local art program!

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day: Our resorts each have their own location to treat yourself to a day of relaxation! Refresh Massage Studio at Grand Timber Lodge, Soothe Spa at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7, and Infinity Spa at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 all offer unique services to make you feel pampered and relaxed!

Unwind at a Hot Spring: While there are no hot springs in Breckenridge, there are plenty within a short driving distance. Take a day trip to one of the amazing hot springs in our surrounding area for a day of relaxing in the outdoors! Check out this blog for a list of our closest hot spring options.

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