Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Info

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from Breckenridge!

The weather is changing in Summit County, and we are preparing for the leaves to change and turn magnificent colors and light up our beautiful town and the resort. The saying typically goes, ‘you come to Summit County for the winter but stay for the summer and I personally would loop in the fall. As someone who grew up in the midwest, the one thing I miss most about home is the fall season. But I must say I get such a great version of it here in the mountains. The trees light up and almost look like fire on the mountains. The crisp fall air can not be beaten. If you have never been to Breckenridge during the ‘Leaf Peeping’ time (yes, that’s what we call it!), you are missing out. For all the need to know about leaf-peeping hikes, bike trails and scenic drives, check out our fall foliage series.

It feels like each month, we are changing and doing something new to the property to keep up with all the great amazing feedback we get from our owners and guests. Just this month, we got our new bumper pool table delivered for the Family Fun Center. We heard from many owners how great a pool table would be on the property. We agreed! We did have a space issue and thought how fun a bumper pool table would be! Next time you are on the property, be sure to check it out. Another exciting new project in the process right now is converting the Library into an Activities Center. This will allow our Activities team to provide our owners and guests with a better experience with adventures and activities on the property. But don’t worry, we thought about the library and books for our owners and guests. You will see new cute Little Libraries around the property. Check with the Concierge to see where they are all located! With this move, you will also see our new area for our Business Center on property.  Computers and printers will now be located on our sky bridge connecting Buildings 1 and 2 with Building 3. We see many people working in this area currently and feel that adding computers and a printer will make it even more user-friendly to our owners and guests. But if you need a private workspace for meetings, check with the Front Desk on the availability of our on-property Board Room.

We look forward to seeing you in Breckenridge again soon!

Stephanie Bristley
The Grand Colorado on Peak 8, Assistant General Manager