Grand Colorado on Peak 8 Property Information

June 2023

Letter from the Assistant General Manager

Greetings from Breckenridge!

Summer season is here in Breckenridge, and we are all so excited to go outdoors and enjoy this amazing time of year. A great summer activity to enjoy is biking – all types of biking! You can rent mountain bikes, bring your own, and hit some amazing trails in town. The Town of Breckenridge launched a new E-Bike program to help reduce car traffic. You will notice some new E-Bikes at the Bus Stop, outside of building 3, and below the ice rink. They have directions on them for downloading the app and for use. This is a great option to get to and from town and take in some fresh air. The bikes have been available for just over 2 weeks, and many owners have already tested them out, and the reviews are great!

Something that tends to go hand in hand with summer in Breckenridge is the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. For the safety of all owners and guests on the property when thunder and lightning are within 5 miles, we shut down our outdoor pool area along with any outdoor hot tub and the indoor/outdoor pools. Our Security and Guest Services team monitors the weather frequently throughout the day, and we reopen the above areas as quickly as possible. We do have to wait for the weather, but we will reopen these areas as soon as we can. Our new texting software also alerts all on-property guests to closures and openings! We look forward to seeing you on the property again this summer to enjoy the amazing weather and new adventures!

Stephanie Bristley
Grand Colorado on Peak 8, Assistant General Manager